Birth Education

Educating yourself about birth is the best way to find out what you hope your own birth is like. Going to a foreign country while only knowing basic phrases is tricky enough, but losing your map and translation dictionary in your luggage would be unbearable! You likely know a bit about pregnancy and birth, certainly enough to get around, but wouldn't it be great to go in with a road map and a translator? That's what childbirth education can provide!

Please read through the options below, and if there is a need that you have that is not addressed, I'd be happy to discuss ways that we can accommodate your unique circumstances.  


Birth Basics/Refresher Course

This is a time set aside for you and your family to learn the birth basics or to refresh your memory! Before we meet, I will personalize the topics we cover based on your preferences and knowledge level. If we start to cover a topic that you're comfortable with, we can move on, and if you have tons of questions about another aspect of labor and birth, we can spend extra time there. I am also happy to include your children at whatever level you are comfortable with, and will tailor my instruction to their needs as well. Usually about 3 hours long.                                                                       


Child Birth for Children

This option is to help your children begin to grasp the idea of childbirth and help them transition into being big brothers and sisters! Before we meet up, I will personalize the class for your child's age, birth experience level and curiosity based on information you give me. It can be as basic or in depth as you would like, and I encourage parents to participate. Usually 1-2 hours, depending on age and number of children.