Hiring a Birth Doula is a wise choice. With the reemergence of the field in recent years, studies have been done on how a doula effects a birth. These studies have shown that having a doula prenatally, through your birth and postpartum, helps families view their births in a positive light. They have also shown that doulas help minimize additional medical intervention and can even have a positive impact on a couple's relationship months after birth! A doula's role is to support the mother, but this support will look different for each family, and often a doula will support the mother by supporting the birth partner! Doulas bring a unique presence and perspective that enhances the birth experience. 

All Packages include phone/text/email support from the time I am hired, until 4 weeks postpartum. Also included is four weeks of time I am "on call" and available to you 24 hours per day, generally from 38-42 weeks. 



Basic Doula Package

This package includes two prenatal and one postpartum visit, as well as attending your labor and birth.                                                     $700

Extended Doula Package

This package includes three prenatal and two postpartum visits, as well as attending your labor and birth.                                                $800

Ultimate Doula Package

This package includes four prenatal and three postpartum visits, as well as attending your labor and birth.                                                 $900

+ Birth Basics or Refresher add on

This add on option includes personalized birth basics or birth refresher course. The course can be instructor led or family led, and we are more than happy to include children in the process! $150

Build Your Own Package

Depending on your unique family situation, personal history, and individual needs, this might be your best option. I'm happy to meet with you to create a package that will be the best fit for your growing family!                       Price TBD

À la Carte Options (prices vary)

  • Attendance at a prenatal appointment with you and your provider
  • Additional prenatal visit to discuss birth plan, concerns, fears, hopes, excitement etc. 
  • Additional postpartum visit to discuss birth, transition to parenthood, struggles, joys, postpartum mood, community involvement etc. 
  • Anything else you think would be helpful that I haven't discussed or thought of yet!